Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Officially a MRS!!

Until this very moment, I still can't believe that I'm no longer Miss Tai but instead I'm legally Mrs.Ng...Looking back on that day, I am still very touched and feel very blessed to have all our loved ones witnessing this important event. 

 Abby wanted me to pose with the flowers~ 

 Love the flowers! White lilies and roses :)

Though there were a few hiccups on the actual day... but yes, it is still a very memorable life changing experience. Once we all reached the venue, Level 33, our Solemnizer - Mr. Chia has arrived, and it was really kind of him to let us settle down and prepare the necessary for the Solemnization.

As we settled down, we invited Mr Chia in to our private room, and then we begin the serious part of the solemnization. Listening on the explanation and the exchanging vows to each other... OMG... everything just seemed surreal, *my tears was rolling in my eyes* I had to control myself from weeping!

 Mr. Chia was explaining to us on the solemnization terms...

 Our wedding band :) 

  Exchanging our wedding bands 

 As requested by everyone... *blushing*

And there you go! The solemnization is done!

Had a group photo with our solemnizer - Mr Chia, and our Moms :)

Anyway... after the solemnization, we waved goodbye to Mr Chia, and proceeded with our lunch. Not to forget that we did made good use of the wonderful scenery from Level 33! Snap snap snap... photo session!

 Mr. & Mrs. NG

 Personal Portrait :)

 Family Group Shot!

 Abby & Me, My dearest sister, credits must be given to her for all the nice photos!

The siblings group shot! one of my favorite shot :) so candid~

I must said, Level 33 did not let us down. The food, service, and environment was really great! Everyone enjoyed themselves there. Let's have a glimpse of the food shots!

 Fish & Chips

Don't you think it looks a little like the infamous Marina Bay Sands architecture?! hahaha...or is it just me...

The chargrilled steak was yummy, but a bit too cooked i guess... or my sis like it to be more raw??

 All Day Breakfast

 This was my selection, delicious!
A very wholesome meal! I can't finished it up, so I shared it with Mr. Ng

Burger & The Works
Young Raymond's choice, the blue cheese blended in just nice with the beef patty! Yums! 


Not to forget the beer!! I had the 33.1 Blonde Lager, absolutely refreshing!!

Anyway, enough of all the food... after lunch, we spend sometime walking around MBS... It really amazes me, that the 2 families could just bond together on this significant day. I'm truly blessed to have supportive and loving family members (both my own and the in-laws)! 

I cherish every moment me and Mr. Ng had in the past and have strong faith in both of us as we embark on the marriage journey ahead...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New black+blue scarf

Love this scarf's material... It really does keep one warm (imagining myself at a cold temperature place...)
But of course, this is not so practical for us here in the tropical hot sunny country loo +_+'''
More to come!! hehehe....

Colorful Beanie Hats!

New Beanie Hats! with different colors~

Just bought some new yarns today! more colorful beanies to come! :D

Monday, May 14, 2012

the Quirky side of us

Hehehe... its unusual to see the quirky side of us :) We saw this funny looking glass with Andy Warhol's infamous spec and hairdo imprinted on it in MBS.

So out of  spontaneous, both of us tried to pose behind the glass... 

Tada! Our Andy Warhol look! :P

The Next Phase (the making of...)

Tick Tock Tick Tock... As the clock ticks, the countdown begins... the next phase is just 3 weeks ahead!

Well, I don't know whether words could really do justice to what I am feeling now, but it is overwhelming...

The past 2 months, was all about the preparations. Selecting dates, selecting the Solemnizer for the ROM, selecting venues... and a whole bunch of other selections... +_+'''

But finally, most of the stuffs are now settled, now we wait for the day to come... :)

The big day will be held in the restaurant Level 33 @ Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 1. We went there the other day to check out the venue and the ambiance of the environment, well... I must said, we were quite satisfied :) Not quite sure about the food yet, but I'm very looking forward to try their own brewed beer. The afternoon view was great, but I'm sure the night view would be even more breathe taking though.

 We were stunned by all the giant brewery tanks near the entrance lounge. P/S: they claim to be The World's Highest Urban Craft-brewery :)

 The standing reception area, didn't get to explore the other end yet

Mr. Ng was wandering around checking out the environment, we can see a very nice MBS view from the terrace dining area

The private room for our Solemnization is at the very end across the dining hall, we can have all the privacy we need :)

Looking forward to that day, where all our loved ones will be there to witness this life-changing ceremony :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2012 - Langkawi :)

Sun, Beach, Beautiful scenery, booze and chocolates! That’s the perfect match for a relaxing getaway! Well, you can find all of those in Langkawi~

I went on a trip to Langkawi with my family last month, and it was indeed a really satisfying and relaxing trip. Our last sun and beach trip was at least 7 years back! GOSH! That’s like ages! Bought the flight tickets when Air Asia was on sales :) Thx to AA, now everyone can fly huh.. :P

Me and mom when we landed in Langkawi Airport

We stayed in Berjaya Langkawi Resort, where we’re surrounded by the wildlife, rainforest and most important the perfect beach. I got the room from, and Berjaya upgraded my room to the rainforest chalet, as their room was newly renovated. How nice is that?! :D The room was nicely renovated and has that subtle design that combines both contemporary and the Malay Authentic touch which just perfectly blend in together.

Anyway, there were 4 of us, and unlike 7 years ago, we have all grown to a full adult size, which means my dear little bro had to sleep on the floor… poor thing… but the King size bed fit the 3 ladies just nice.

Pity my sis, the photographer that did not get into this picture... :p

Mom happily settle down on the bed, while bro checking out the TV programs

View from our front door :)

Me outside at the balcony, listening to the nature wildlife orchestra

next door's balcony view

There is another good thing about Berjaya Langkawi Resort is that they provide shuttle services for all the visitors here and they are just one call away :D So whenever we go out from our room, all we need to do was to call the their shuttle service, and in 5 mins time, they will be there at your doorstep.

We had the shuttle driver took this for us :D very nice staff there

Overall the resort was really satisfying. Hope that the photos with the view of the hotel will tell you more :)

Mom and bro posing near the water chalet

Us by the pool side

Me and sis beside the water chalet :)

Mom and Bro never went to snorkelling before, so i thought its time we went for a snorkel adventure :) We bought a marine park package directly from the Airport counter, we paid RM250 per pax for it and the adventures begins...
We waited for our pick up from our hotel lobby and we were fetched to Kuah Jetty to gather with the others that signed up for the package. We took a boat from Kuah Jetty to Pulau Payar, where the marine park was, which took us about 1 hour + journey. I had to sleep all the way there to avoid any sea sick. But we did manage to capture a few of our exciting looks before we knocked off to slumberland.

Once we reach the Pulau Payar Marine Park, we were each given the snorkelling equipments. My Bro, Mr knows it all, quickly grab the goggles and dip into the icy cold and clear sea :) well... i can understand the excitement, it is his 1st experience.

My mom on the other hand had a hard time to dip in and swim easily with all the fishes swimming around her, but eventually she got used it and really enjoyed the experience too.

Even me and my sis had experience with snorkelling, but we still got quite panic when the bigger fishes swam near us!

Look at all the fishes! Scary!!

After the lunch break (where they serve us buffet lunch on the platform... nth fancy, but still acceptable since you will be super hungry after swimming), mom wanted to take some photo on the platform before we head out the other side of the island for some real adventures, where real baby sharks swims around you!

The platform was actually quite big

Mom was freaked out when she found out that the other side of the island was filled with baby sharks and other bigger fishes, so she decided that she will just stay dry and help us with the camera. But we didn't hang out there for long either, after awhile, we head back to our platform and get ready to go back.

Family portrait :)

Lucky for us that it wasn't raining, Mr Sunshine loved us all!! :D see the white thingy behind me, that is the platform I was mentioning above

Us waving to mom with our gear all up

Besides of snorkelling, the cable car there is another must go in Langkawi. The cable car journey takes about 20 mins to get to the top. But seriously, it was quite scary, as in it was a very steep ride (almost a 90 degree ascending journey) >.<'''

The view from top was terrific :) and the sky bridges are also quite amazing. It was kinda shaky, as there were quite a number of people there at that time, but it is also very robust, as the bridge has been there for more than a decade now.

After the cable car and sky bridge we went to the Dataran Lang, where the iconic Langkawi Eagle stands there, like its preparing to soar anytime.

We posed some funny poses and really LOL there, and had a lots of fun there. Well i guess now we know where we got our poser gene, and why do we like to take photographs that much. :P It runs in my family gene!! LOL...

As a conclusion, this was a super fun family bonding trip. Really enjoyed it. We should really plan more of these in future! :D